An article published in Yeni Şafak – a newspaper that is the mouthpiece of the AKP government and riddled with disinformation – gives hints of what might be waiting us just around the corner: According to the mentioned article http://yenisafak.com.tr/gundem-haber/50-kisilik-liste-var-23.06.2013-534786) the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT), the Police Dept. and the Gendarmerie have handed a report to the Prime Minister’s Office which pinpoints “a group of 50 organisers behind the attempts at instigating a ‘civil coup'”. These ‘organisers’ are said to be “soldiers, artists, academics, journalists and businessmen”. The most striking point in the article is the mention of Admiral Fikret Güneş (imprisoned for 16 years under charges of attempting a military coup against the AKP regime  following a shamble of a trial called the SLEDGEHAMMER trials) in relation to the Gezi Protests. This gives the impression that there are already plans underway which aim to delegitimise the Gezi Protests as a move to topple a democratically elected government through acts of terror or other illegal means.