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My latest post (yesterday) summarises the magnitude of disproportional violence perpetrated by the police and the attitude the goverment has assumed.

Today, domestic news outlets have picked up on yet another case which can only be described as torture. A video footage of five police officers in Istanbul (Sancaktepe) beating up, dragging through the street and leaving the limp body of Hakan Yaman has been handed to the Office of the Public Prosecutor.

The video footage is unfortunately way too blurred to make out what is going on, but Yaman’s lawyer states in his bill of certiorari, “Around 22.30-23.00 on 3 June 2013, whilst walking back to his home… Hakan Yaman was assaulted by 5 policemen working with the TOMA and has inflicted serious wounds, losing one eye during the process.”

“As a result of the police’s actions, he was shot by a gas cannister in his stomach. After collapsing on the ground, he was beaten up by 5 police officers who tortured him, gouged one of his eyes out with a sharp object. After remaining stationary, his body was dragged to a bonfire nearby and thrown onto the fires.”

“This is an undeniable case of torture. As if the beating was not enough, they gouged out his eye and on top of that thinking he was dead, through him into the fire. These monstrous actions can be seen in recorded footages”.

Without wanting to sound like I am defending the police, the footage which I have linked below is not clean enough to make out exactly what is going on. Having said this, the medical report that has also been handed to the Public Prosecutor shows the burn marks and all other inflicted wounds.