A 19 year old by the name of Ali İsmail Korkmaz lost his life today after incurring injuries on the 2nd of June. Ali was at the Gezi Protests on the 2nd of June in Eskişehir, a city in central Anatolia. He was beaten up by an unknown group in a side alley and sustained a brain hemorrhage. Since then he had been in intensive care until he lost his life today. His autopsy report states that he had a heart condition but if he hadn’t of incurred the injuries he had, he would not have lost his life.

Although the unknown group have not been caught, the police have been been trailed by groups in civilian clothes, some with walkie talkies and some with sticks. After being documented, many were revealed to be undercover police agents. Reports have also shown groups of AKP supporters walking the streets, being told to disperse but not actually being intervened  by the Police.

Regardless, the responsibility ofAli İsmail Korkmaz’s death belongs directly to the police, and the AKP in relation. The very least is a condolence. Lately however, PM Erdoğan has tended to have more compassion for the casualties our ‘brothers’ have suffered in Egypt.

In protest, Anonymous have hacked the Eskişehir Mayor’s Office’s website. Thousands are on the streets in Eskişehir and Istanbul, commemorating his death and protesting against the government.


The gravestone reads Ali Korkmaz is immortal. (Gezi Park) The remaining stones belong to the 4 other victims of the Gezi Protest