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Inspectors from Ankara’s Provincial Directorate for National Education have recently completed their report on the Gezi Park demonstrations.

46 school principles and vice-principles are to be removed from their posts for “not penalising students who took part in the Gezi Protests” and “overlooking students taking part in the protests”. The Directorate said that it would consult with the local offices before it passed judgement. Realistically though, this means that it is a done deal.

It should be reminded that the Metropolitan Education Office had started investigations into hundreds of teachers for abetting or overlooking students who took part in the protests, in Ankara as well as elsewhere. During the investigations the police had reportedly shown Police recorded footage to teachers/principles and asked if any of the protesters were students at their institution. Moreover, student/teacher social network feeds were also analysed.

Now that the sentences for principles have been given, a similar process is underway to skim out teachers who have been in support of protests or uncooperative with the authorities in terms of the Gezi Protests.

The Directorate of Education would have us believe that the probe was launched at the request of students’ parents. Such a statement is shameless in its extent of insulting one’s intellect. These investigations are not isolated to institutions of education. Similar investigations were carried out in TRT (national TV/Radio Broadcast) or against civil servants in the Judiciary. Over 70 journalists have been fired, public celebrities like actors have been targeted, an imam who refuted the AKP’s claims was fired.. Even doctors were targeted whilst the hippocratic oath was overruled in the zealous attempts at deligitimising the protests. The list goes on…