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In the second leaked phone conversation (link to recording), we find out that a political opinion poll carried out by Konsensus for Habertürk was presented to PM Erdoğan by Mehmet Fatih Saraç prior to its publication. After taking directives from the PM at his house in Kısıklı (Istanbul), Saraç calls Habertürk’s executive editor Fatih Altaylı.

Fatih Altaylı states that the percentage of votes that the BDP gained in the survey is low. He adds that 3% of the votes gained by MHP can be transferred to the BDP. Fatih Saraç passes on the message to Tayyip Erdoğan through his son Bilal Erdoğan. After receiving the confirmation that the results of the survey should be changed (3% vote shift from MHP to BDP), Fatih Saraç gives the instructions to Habertürk’s editor-in-chief Fatih Altaylı.

This conversation shows how the results of election surveys are manipulated and published with false information in newspapers after directives are given by PM Erdoğan.

1. Conversation 1 (TAPE ID: 1977850740) Date: 13.03.2013 Time: 14:40

Fatih Altaylı: Editor-in-Chief of Habertürk newspaper

Mehmet Fatih Saraç: Deputy Chairman of Ciner Media (owner of Haberturk TV)

Mehmet Fatih Saraç: Yes?

Fatih Altaylı: I say, how about I talk to the agency that did the survey and increase the percentage of votes the BDP got by 2%?

Mehmet Fatih Saraç: Why not take from the percentile of the MHP and add them to the BDP?

Fatih Altaylı: What?      

Mehmet Fatih Saraç: Why not take from the percentile of the MHP and add them to the BDP?

Fatih Altaylı: We can take some from the percentile of the ‘undecided’ and some from the MHP, I will manipulate the results a bit.

Mehmet Fatih Saraç: Yes but I’ve got new information. I’m in Çamlıca (PM’s house in Kısıklı) so I’m going to talk to you about what to publish and what to do.

Fatih Altaylı: So lets talk about those..

Mehmet Fatih Saraç: Ok, I’l leave and call you in half an hour.

Fatih Altaylı: Ok. Bye.

2. Conversation between Mehmet Fatih Saraç and Bilal Erdoğan (PM’s son) (TAPE ID: 1977950302) Date: 13.03.2013 Time: 15.24

Bilal Erdoğan: Hmm.

Mehmet Fatih Saraç: You grasp the issue right?

Bilal Erdoğan: Yes yes, I am greatly aware

Mehmet Fatih Saraç: Because they are going to recede to 2.5%. There is a slide (voter beavioural shift) from BDP to AKP, and from CHP to MHP. Now if we do this, these guys will put their foot on the break, that is what I think when I do this. But so that you know, I am taking from the other side (taking 2.5% of the votes predicted for MHP) and adding them to the BDP.

Bilal Erdoğan: So you took the 2-3% and transferred them over there.

Mehmet Fatih Saraç: Yep

Bilal Erdoğan: Ok.

Mehmet Fatih Saraç: From MHP, to there. From MHP to there.

3. Conversation between Mehmet Ali Saraç and Fatih Altaylı (TAPE ID 1978018181) Date: 13.03.2013. Time: 15.56

Fatih Altaylı: Hello?

Mehmet Fatih Saraç: Brother, he thanked you very much for the sensitivity.

Fatih Altaylı: Yep

Mehmet Fatih Saraç: From MHP, in that direction (referring to BDP).

Fatih Altaylı: Ok, thats what I’l do.

Mehmet Fatih Saraç: From MHP

Fatih Altaylı: Ok thats what I’m going to do, don’t worry.

Mehmet Fatih Saraç: Agreed. Thank you